An old man raped his daughters and sister for 23 years


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Ireland‘s Central Criminal Court has sentenced a 75-year-old elderly man to 20 years in prison for rape and repeated sexual assaults on his 7 daughters and younger sister, over a period of 23 years.

James O’Reilly was found guilty of assaulting, starving and humiliating his victims.

According to the prosecution, one of O’Reilly’s daughters gave birth to a child with him after he raped her. The judge said that had it not been for the convict’s age, he would have been sentenced to life imprisonment.

The prosecution added that during his sentencing he took into account the abuse of his standing among the victims, the period during which the attacks continued, and the countless pain and damage he caused to his victims, praising the “courage, honor and steadfastness” of the victims.

After the verdict was pronounced, the victims wondered why the authorities did not intervene to protect them early, and whether the reason was their belonging to a minority of Irish nomads.

The Irish nomads are a nomadic people of Irish origin, who live in Ireland and some of them are in Britain and the United States, and most of them moved to the United States during the Great Irish Famine between 1845 and 1860.

In statements to the court after the verdict, Helen, the eldest daughter of O’Reilly, urged victims of sexual assault to resist and “move forward” toward accountability for the perpetrators.

I have been sexually assaulted since I was four years old, so I would say that all women, regardless of the women of nomadic families whose rights have been violated, should raise their voice,” Helen said.

Don’t be afraid as we did,” she added. We did not know who to turn to or where to go. We didn’t get an education, we didn’t get anything. I am not afraid now. What he did for years will be punished. ”

She noted that her father could have been imprisoned long ago if her six sisters had the “strength and courage” to give up silence.


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