A driver was killed after the car veered off the road, broke into Prince George’s house, and caught fire


Pensacola, Fl

 A driver was killed and five residents were displaced after a car veered off the road and collided with the balcony of a house in Prince George’s County, according to authorities.

The car and the house were set ablaze.

The accident happened on Addison Road between James Farmer Way and AIDS Street. The area is closed to traffic while authorities are investigating.

A spokesperson for Prince George’s Fire and EMS told ABC7 that they received a call around 7:15 a.m. to bring a car into a house and set a fire.

On reaching the scene of the accident, first responders were reported to have found the SUV driver dead on arrival. They found the front porch of the house completely burnt out and the fire spread in the front bedroom of the house.

A preliminary investigation revealed that the SUV was traveling down Addison Road. Toward Martin Luther King Street. When, for reasons unknown at this time, the SUV veered off the road and entered the service column. The impact caused the SUV to spin and crash into the back end of the house first, according to authorities.

The collision also caused the service shaft to split in half, crashing into a car behind the SUV. A miracle, no one was injured in that car.

Prince George County authorities are not sure at this time whether the driver died of a medical problem prior to the accident or smoke inhalation, and are investigating.


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