A 3-year-old child was killed in a speeding car shooting the most recent case of death related to gang violence


Pensacola, Fl

Orange County officials say a 3-year-old was shot in a car overnight in Pine Hills.

Representatives said Dakan James Felix Jr. was killed after firing shots at the 4000 complex of Drexel Street.

When the deputies arrived, they said they had found the boy shot. The death of the child was announced at the scene of the accident. Authorities say nine other people were in the house at the time, but the child who was playing was the only one who was hit by the bullets.

As of late, no one had been arrested in the case.

The shooting comes just one night after a 14-year-old Evans High School student was shot and killed on Glendale Drive in Pine Hills.

A 15-year-old youth was also seriously injured in the same shooting.

Officials said gang violence was the motive behind the shooting. At the press conference, frustrated leaders explained the effects of gang violence in the past few months.

Sheriff John Mina described the killing of the 14-year-old and the three-year-old with targeted violence.


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