Teen killed after trying to kidnap a man at Kruger gas station


Pensacola, Fl

The 16-year-old was identified with a fatal bullet after attempting to kidnap a man in East Memphis Kruger.

Memphis police said Cameron Pryor, 16, was killed by the kidnapped victim.

He has had about eight previous accidents and has been charged in the past with three car thefts and one criminal trespass.

Willie Morey, 18, was also shot.

In the attempt, police said the victim resisted and killed Prior.

Police said the suspects, armed with rifles, tried to kidnap a man from his white Mercedes.

Leslie Palin represents the victim in the car theft. He faces no charges.

“He is lucky to be alive and I know there is another loss of life, but if not for that, my client’s life would be lost,” Palin said.

Police said that at the time of the attempted theft, Murry drove off in a stolen Lexus and then went to the hospital to seek help.

MPD said several minor suspects were likely involved.

Palin said witnesses at the scene and the surveillance video will prove that his client acted in accordance with the law.

“The law in Tennessee is a person who has the right to defend himself to the point of killing someone else if there is a life in danger,” Palin said.


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