Milton’s family with 3 young girls save civilians from Hurricane Sally Floods


Pensacola, Fl

Channel 3 told you about the Milton community struggling after being devastated by Hurricane Sally.

We hear a story of a rescue from Milton that includes a family with three young girls.

Sabrina Reeves called Channel 3 via ChimeIn, sharing her family’s dramatic experience with Hurricane Sally.

Reeves said her family lives in the Milton Bayside neighborhood off Avalon Boulevard. On the Gulf of Escambia. First they tried to get past the hurricane from home.

However, Reeves sent photos showing that her home eventually submerged up to 3-4 feet. That’s when her neighbors, Milton, stepped up.

Reeves wrote to Channel 3: “We were to be rescued by boat by the civilians who used the neighbor’s little boat.”

Reeves says she just gave birth to a baby three weeks ago, which followed some complications that put her in the hospital. She now has three young daughters – her newborn, a 1-year-old and a 6-year-old who celebrated her birthday the day after Sally’s hit.

“As we were heading to the attic – because the water was constantly rising – we heard knocking on the door asking if we wanted to save us,” Reeves wrote. “We had to make a quick decision – drowning by accident, because we were not aware of how high it was, or avoiding limbs and debris from the gusts of wind blowing through Sally.

“We have a lot to thank because we lost everything. But we are lucky that we are still here.”

Adds Reeves, “The Marine family, our family and our community from our hometown Charleston, SC have donated and helped a lot. My husband and I are so grateful!”


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