A woman is found dead inside a house in South Austin after a fire


Pensacola, Fl

A neighbor called 911 after seeing smoke rising from the second floor unit, in the Travis Green Condominium complex, then the neighbor went to the door and was joined by another neighbor who helped kick him.

Battalion Commander David Pritzky said the two were able to enter by force, but the heat and smoke were too much. Fire crews were at the scene within minutes.

“They saw smoke coming from the ridge line into the apartment,” said the head of Brietzke. “They lowered the line of fire attack to the second floor, advanced to the second floor of the apartment, and entered the apartment and quickly entered the fire.”

Firefighters surveyed the damage and found a woman in her 70s unresponsive on her sofa. Austin Police arson and homicide investigators at the scene were interviewing and gathering evidence.

The scene was disturbing to the neighbors.

Trevor Bay who lives in the area said he saw residents chatting about what happened online and was anxious. “We know everyone so much. He said goodbye everyone here for a long time. We are a very close-knit community. terrible. It’s so horrible so I hope everyone is okay or we can at least get together and help them

Fire and smoke damage preserved for single unit. Fire and murder investigators are working to determine the cause of the fire and the woman’s death.


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