A snake lands on a Mississippi woman as she opens her front door


Pensacola, Fl

A Mississippi woman received a slippery surprise when she came home from work a snake that had settled above her front door fell on her head.

The “Enterprise Journal” reported that the confrontation occurred after the intruder made his way over Christina Mitchell’s door. “I felt this blow on my head,” said Mitchell. “I looked down and the snake landed at my feet in the house.”

The newspaper reported that the 10-inch (25 cm) snake rushed into the kitchen while Mitchell called her husband to inform him of their new visitor. But she did not wait for help. She grabbed a broom and pulled the crawler out of her home in Macomb, a city 80 miles (127 kilometers) south of Jackson.

Based on a photo that Mitchell took, her sparring partner looked like an eastern rat snake, which is a largely non-venomous reptile, according to the National Wildlife Federation.

Mitchell was concerned that the animal had a large jaw, but she has been aware of snakes since she was a child and says they will never go out of their way to kill an animal, even if it lands in her home.

She said, “I actually like snakes.” “I think it’s great.”

She also does not plan to move the pitcher plant, although it may have attracted the snake.


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