The pilot and the teenage brothers were killed in the Cocomo plane crash


Pensacola, Fl

Three people were killed during a plane crash in Kokomo, according to the Howard County Police Office.

At around 11:00, authorities received phone calls that a plane was shot down and on fire near Glendale Airport at 3460 SW 400W.

Three of the plane’s passengers were announced dead:

Geralan Long, 63, from Kokomo

Liam Patrick Kelly, 17, from Carmel

Reese David Kelly, 15, from Carmel (Liam’s brother)

Officials say a 17-year-old Greentown boy survived the accident. Investigators say the teen was sitting in the back of the plane.

She told his family that he was in stable condition and would need surgery for his burns. According to his family, the teen acquired a pilot’s license about a month ago. He was not piloting that day.

A preliminary investigation showed that prior to its crash, Long’s 1980 Piper PA-32 was approaching the airstrip from the north to make a landing. Upon approaching, the plane hit a large high-tension wooden power line, causing the plane to land in the cornfield below.

The three teens on board were reported to be members of the “Flying Squirrels” club and were traveling before the annual Glenndale Days BBQ Bash charity event at Glendale Airport.

Liam Kelly loved airplanes and he applied to the Air Force Academy to fulfill his dream. In 2017, he traveled with his mother on a medical mission to Haiti.

Reese Kelly previously participated in the school squad and wanted to pursue his brother in the Air Force Academy.

The boys were preceded by their baby sister Olivia Kelly.

The brothers went to Westfield High School. The Learning Center was opened in the school as a safe space for small groups or individuals to process and share memories of Keliz. The administrators and counselors were on site to provide emotional support and facilitate conversation.

“What the Kelly family is experiencing is unimaginable,” said Dr. Sherry Gret, principal of Westfield Washington Schools, “but in difficult times like this, we find our strength in those around us.” “So let’s raise each other up, let’s raise the Kelly family and let us come together as the Shamrock family and support each other during this difficult time.”

Liam and Reese’s parents plan to create a memorial scholarship fund in honor of their children.

A memorial service for the Kelly brothers will take place at 7:00 pm on Friday, September 25, 2020 at Grace Church, 5504 East 146th Street in Noblesville, with a ceremonial visit from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm at the church.

Randy Wilson owns the property where the accident occurred. It was the impact between the plane and the power line pole that caught his attention as he was mowing the lawn.

He explained, “It got into the transmission lines and then it roared and then went to the ground in the corn field.” “By far, the worst crash since I lived here.”

Wilson said he has lived in this house since the 1980s. He called 911 when he saw the plane land. As a retired firefighter, instinct got to work. About a dozen other people from the airport have tried to help as well, according to Wilson.

He said, “I told them that I cannot imagine anyone surviving this.” “There were people who did everything they could to try to do something.”

Wilson said he was shocked someone who survived the accident. When he met other rescuers at the edge of the airport, he saw a person sitting on a four-wheeled cart. Someone told him they had taken him out.

“I’ll never forget the deaths of three people on my land,” Wilson said. “It’s tragic and I feel family.

The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 235 of COCOMO issued this statement:

“Today we deeply regret the loss of our fellow pilots, friends and family. Yesterday morning at the“ Glenndale Days, ”our four weekend friends who volunteered for the weekend decided to take a trip around town before things got crowded. For high tension power lines, it crashed in a field near the runway. The pilot and two of the three young men who were with him died. The third young man is in stable condition in hospital. As you can imagine, our airport community and our families have been completely destroyed.


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