Beta is close to the coast of Texas


Pensacola, Fl

Tropical Storm Beta is moving a little faster towards the Texas coast in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Beta is expected to move slowly over the Texas coast next week. Coastal floods and torrential rains are the biggest concerns.

According to the National Hurricane Center, TS Beta has a maximum sustained wind of 60 mph as of 10 p.m.

A slight change of force is expected before Beta reaches the Texas coast. Weakness is expected once the beta moves in.

The tropical storm is located 120 miles south of Galveston and is moving from west to northwest at a speed of six miles per hour.

Heavy rains from Tropical Storm Beta will have the potential to produce 15-20 inches of rain along the coast and about 8-15 inches inland according to the National Weather Service.

A storm surge warning now applies for …

– Port Aransas, Texas to Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana, including Copano Bay, Aransas Bay, San Antonio Bay, Matagorda Bay, Galveston Bay, Sabine Lake, and Calcasio Lake

Tropical Storm Warning in effect for …

Port Aransas, Texas to Morgan City, Louisiana

Tropical Storm Watch is valid for:

Baffin Bay to Port Aransas, Texas

The NHC says a drop in forward speed, a sharp turn north and


Beta is expected to gain strength over the next few days, and the NHC says the system will remain a tropical storm until landfall, which is currently expected to occur late.

Tropical Storm Wilfred formed in the eastern Atlantic Ocean using the final name on the NHC’s list of 2020.


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