US 90 is open to traffic, State Route 99 to Nine Mile Road has opened


Pensacola, Fl

The Florida Department of Transportation announced that State Route 99 from Mobile Highway to Nine Mile Road is open to traffic.

US 90 from Escambia County Line to Bass Hole Cove Bride is now also open to traffic. The road has been closed due to deciduous trees, power lines, as well as flooding / erosion.

Traffic restrictions on the Garcon Point Bridge were lifted for all Sunday afternoon traffic. The toll hangs on the bridge until 6 a.m.

Garcon Point Bridge closed at around 5:30 PM. Tuesday due to continuing winds at 40 mph caused by Hurricane Sally. At about 4 pm. , A wild battleship surrounded itself with the bridge and officials announced that the bridge would remain closed until an inspection could be carried out.

The bridge reopened to the two-axle vehicles after initial inspection after the barge accident and remained open to act as a temporary detour while the Pensacola Bay Bridge was closed.

After in-depth inspection and testing of the bridge, FDOT engineers verified that the bridge is structurally sound, and that all traffic is permitted to pass the bridge.

It is still closed

State Route 89 is closed at the Alabama state line due to road damage in Alabama.

In the province of Escambia, the Pensacola Bay Bridge remains closed,


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