The Pensacola family appeals to the public to help find a son who was last seen in the boat during Hurricane Sally


Pensacola, Fl

The Pensacola family is still searching for answers four days after watching their loved ones in John’s boat during Hurricane Sally.

The U.S. Coast Guard has canceled their search for 27-year-old Brandon Nicholson, but the family isn’t losing hope.

Nicholson was last seen on Wednesday morning boarding John’s boat down the canal behind his mother’s house to retrieve their pontoon boat washed away by high water during the height of the storm.

“They didn’t find the boat, they didn’t find it – so I really pray that he be there,” said Nicholson’s mother Kristen Crowell. “We need more researchers to enter and help.”

Crowell tells us that she begged her son not to come out during the storm.

“I told him it was really dangerous,” Crowell said. “He asked if I wanted to get my boat back and I told him no, I want your life, Brandon, but he’s gone. I think he felt bad because he didn’t tie the boat the night before.”

Nicholson is the husband and father of two children – 3 years and 1 year.

“He’s the coolest father, son and husband you could ask for,” said Crowell. “All he wanted to do was help the people.”

Meanwhile, local search and rescue teams such as the Class Kids Foundation continue to search the area. Crowell believes the storm drove her son into Perdido Bay.

“Of course I think to myself, how could he have survived, but I know how strong my son is and of course I will keep that hope.”

A painful situation for an already grieving family. Crowell lost her husband to cancer 3 weeks ago.

“It just breaks my heart,” said Crowell. “He was my rock, he got over this and now he’s gone.”

The family requires all boaters near Perdido Bay and Perdido River to be on the lookout for Brandon and John’s boat.

If you have any information that could gather this family, please contact the Escambia County Mayor’s office.


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