The history of wedding dresses


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The wedding dress is the dress or robe of the bride in her wedding, and the color, design and aspects of the celebration vary according to the religion and culture of the couple. Its forms vary according to the customs and traditions of every family and group of society and its religion.

Wedding ceremonies began in the post-medieval period in a form greater than the bonding of two people, but rather the connection of the families of the newlyweds, or the connection of two professions or even two countries through this marriage. Many wedding ceremonies followed politics and represented a political position greater than the topic of love, especially between noble families and high-end societies. Therefore, the bride became wearing a wedding suit that expresses her family because she does not represent herself only in the wedding. The bride, who came from a rich family, tended to choose rich colors and custom-made clothes for the occasion. It was customary for the bride to wear bold colors and layers of fur and silk.

The choice of white goes back to Scotland when Mary Queen of Scots married her first husband, Farnes Dufen, King of France in 1559, and she wore a white suit because it was her favorite color, although white was considered the color that is worn in funerals by the French at that time. But historically, the English Philippa is the first princess in history to wear a white suit at a royal wedding, and she wore a white silk bonnet.

White did not become a social choice until 1840, after Queen Victoria married Albert. She chooses white to show off her embroideries. A wedding painting was published wearing this suit, and many women began to choose white, following the example of Queen Victoria.

Although some designers tried to introduce several colors to it, white remained the dominant color, because it has several connotations, including: clarity and purity, and it has become associated in memory with joy and makes the bride look like an angel or princess.

And there is another funny story stating that during ancient wars the tribes that wanted to surrender raised a white flag, and this tradition passed to marriage, so when the groom proposes to the bride’s family, if they agree to him, the girl wears a white dress as a symbol of her and her family’s acceptance of the groom.

Currently, the bride wears white in her weddings, which may contain milky streaks such as eggshell, ecru and ivory. Also, an old wedding suit is also sometimes restored by adding modern parts to it to reduce the cost of the suit.


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