Pensacola’s second death is believed to have been caused by Hurricane Sally


Pensacola, Fl

Escampia County Sheriff David Morgan confirmed that authorities believe a second person has died in Pensacola from Hurricane Sally.

Morgan said he believed the resident died of carbon monoxide poisoning after running an electric generator indoors, although the cause of death has not been confirmed by the coroner. Al-Sharif urged all citizens to be careful with generators, chainsaws and on the roads as work crews continue to restore the electrical current.

Brandon William Nicholson, 27, is believed to be the first death in Florida. He left the beach near his home at Riola Place as he paddled aboard a 12-foot ship, in an attempt to find his mother’s pontoon boat that had become untied in the strong currents and high winds caused by the hurricane. He was last seen around 10:30.

Morgan said lawmakers, the National Guard and other responders had touched the four corners of the county to ensure the safety of the citizens. Jared Moskowitz, director of the Florida Department of Emergency Management, said 600 rescue operations were carried out between Escambia and Santa Rosa County.

The mayor of Orange Beach, Alabama, said earlier this week that one person died and another was lost to the storm.

The Associated Press reported a second death from Hurricane Sally in the Foley District. Baldwin County coroner Dr. Brian Pearce said death was someone involved in cleaning up the storm.

In total, Hurricane Sally is believed to have claimed the lives of four people in Florida and Alabama.


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