Hurricane Teddy will bring a high fire hazard


Pensacola, Fl

Hurricane Teddy is approaching and will affect Maine on Tuesday. With high winds in our constant drought, there is a high fire risk.

The exact path will keep the storm east from us, but we can expect many impacts in Maine. Details here:

The wind: Tuesday will be breezy. By Tuesday evening, winds of more than 20 mph may be blowing in the northwest. It stays breezy until wednesday.

Fire hazard: With continued droughts, sunny skies Tuesday morning and early afternoon, extremely low humidity, and strong winds, there is a high fire risk on Tuesday and Wednesday. If a fire breaks out, the wind will spread it quickly.

Waves: A tropical storm warning is in waters further from New England. Waves hike Tuesday. By Tuesday night, waves can reach 14 to 29 feet.

Coastal Floods: Coastal waters must also experience high waves. This can lead to minor coastal flooding, especially around high tides. High tide: Monday 2:24 am and 2:44 pm, Tuesday 3:20 am and 3:39 pm, Wednesday 4:22 am

Rain: No rain is expected from Teddy except maybe in the far east of Maine on Tuesday night. West Maine will only see afternoon and evening clouds of Teddy. Maine doesn’t see much chance of rain in the near future.


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