Gunmen shot civilians in civilian clothes in Cedarbrook, wounding 2


Pensacola, Fl

 Police say gunmen opened fire on three plainclothes officers inside a car in the Cedarbrook area of ​​the city.

It happened on Sharpnack and Fayette Streets around 8 p.m.

According to the police, a man on a bicycle started to slowly ride next to the car the officers were in. Police say an officer rolled out of the window to ask if the man was okay, when the suspect shouted obscene and shot the car.

The officers managed to stop on Sharbenak Street, where they got out of the car and returned fire.

At this point, another man on the street started shooting at the officers.

Police say the officer driving his car, wearing a bulletproof vest, stopped a ride that passed through the car door and seat. A female officer had a wound in her leg. The third officer was not beaten.

The two injured officers were taken to the Einstein Medical Center for examination, and they were listed in stable condition. It was not clear until Friday night if the officer sustained a wound from broken glass or gunfire.

The two suspects fled the scene, but Philadelphia police have since determined that the suspect on the bike is 28-year-old Geoffeon Thomas. An arrest warrant has been issued against him for attempted murder and violating firearms.


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