A man bitten by a shark in Florida is airlifted to the Miami Trauma Center


Pensacola, Fl

 Monroe County Sheriffs said a man from Atlanta was airlifted to the trauma center of Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami after a shark bitten him on the shoulder near Marathon.

Rescuers described the injury as “serious”.

Andrew Charles Eddy, 30, has been diving into a reef with his family on a private boat. Witnesses said Eddie was attacked almost immediately after entering the waters near Sombrero Key Light, about 50 miles north of Key West.

While investigating the accident, the sheriff’s office received information from boat crews that they had seen a bull shark in the area. Witnesses described the shark as eight to 10 feet long.

Investigators said there was no fishing or sound in the water near where the group was diving.

No one else was injured.


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