Detroit rapper found dead in baby slide


Pensacola, Fl

The rapper was found dead outside a Detroit one-stop center, but the company is facing protests over the way its owner used his death to promote events.

Before we continue, we have to warn you that some of the images in this story are disturbing.

Robert Bizimenti – Dr. Rob ‘- Healing Dope Hut runs off Woodward near 7 Mile.

It was live on Facebook as EMT removed an ordinary corpse in the hut – Max Julian – from a treehouse.

Dr. Bob recounted what was happening and then, shockingly, promoted an upcoming show.

He said on a Facebook broadcast, “Something is always going on at Psychedelic Shack and this guy is cool, I don’t think he’ll come back but we have music tonight, music tonight.” “Oh man, well tonight’s music with Judy Moon always something going on.”

Julian’s friends, like Kent Brown AKA Supa Emcee, were angry at the tasteless video and were organizing days of protests.

“If this was someone you love and sympathize with, would you play a joke while taking out his body?” He said. “I’d like to say pack up and get out of here, we don’t want you here.”

A sign outside says the hut is a holistic healing center with a lot of followers. But

Raneem Omar said: “Dr. Bob is a professional therapist.” “Just a lot of the methods he (uses) don’t, no, don’t distribute (drugs) or anything like that.”

Detroit Police say there are no signs of tampering with Max’s death and they believe it was an overdose. But Max’s friends demand an investigation into the hut.

“The rumors are likely to shake your head and your viewers,” Brown said.

Friends have said that the Detroit area rapper has his demons but he doesn’t deserve that kind of disrespect.

Brown said, “He had a good, he was bad but he’s still a person.”

Dr. Bob spoke to us on the phone, apologized and said he was sending thoughts and prayers to the Max family.


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