Skanska Southeast says there wasn’t enough time to prepare for Hurricane Sally’s transformation


Pensacola, Fl

Crews are working hard to start the repair of the Three Mile Bridge.

Channel 3 spoke to Senator Doug Brooksson, who told us there was a new possibility that the bridge tower was damaged.

Senator Brokson said there was equipment on site to manufacture “missing parts” to repair the bridge.

Senator Brokson also told us that he is in constant contact with Governor Ron DeSantes to ensure these emergency contracts are approved quickly.

Channel 3 also spoke with Brian Stretz, executive vice president of Skanska Southeast, the company responsible for building the bridge.

There simply wasn’t enough time to prepare, Stritz said, judging by Sally’s sudden shift toward Pensacola.

“We prepared for something that was known, it was coming and everything was safe, but something different happened. The sudden factor in this unfortunately caused reactions and things that no one expected of us,” Stritz said.

Regardless of the cause of the impact, Streets said, it is important for the company to assess how the bridge is being repaired to resume traffic.

Sterietz told us the plan now is to finish assessing the viability of the bridge, developing options and implementing.

He has said there are parts of the meltdown that we’ll never know exactly what happened.

Senator Brooksson stated that engineers were still working on “how” to fix this bridge, so it would not be safe to estimate the opening date. This decision will be up to d-o-t to decide.


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