A man shot by an officer while fleeing traffic stopped giving up


Pensacola, Fl

 A man accused of driving a police officer in Connecticut opened fire on the car as it was fleeing a traffic station, surrendered and was charged with assault and other crimes.

Deputy Chief of Police Colin McAllister said that Rosenowski Machado, 24, from Waterbury, escaped from Nawajatuck officers on Monday but surrendered voluntarily at the police station at around 3:30 a.m. Machado, the only person in the car, was not injured.

Sgt. Nicholas Keyhos fired his rifle at least three times when Machado aimed at him and hit his cruiser, in a video posted by the police. Kehoss was shot down by his private cruiser after being hit by Machado, and two shots were fired as Machado drove away quickly, according to the video and law enforcement officials.

Chihose, a 10-year-old veteran of the department, was treated for minor injuries in hospital and discharged. He was placed on administrative duty under normal protocols during the shooting investigation by State Police and Bridgeport State Attorney Joseph Corradino.

Officer Kevin Zink Machado was stopped by an officer on a ramp to Route 8 around 8 p.m. Officials said on Monday after seeing him participate in what appeared to be a drug deal.

A destroyed Dodge Charger was found by a bullet on Tuesday in Waterbury.

Machado was arrested on bail of $ 350,000 on charges including assaulting a police officer and engaging the police in a chase. It was not clear if he had a lawyer who could respond to the allegations.


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