A 79-year-old man died 3 days after he was attacked on a golf course


Pensacola, Fl

Police said an altercation between an elderly man and some people riding bicycles on a Queens golf course became physical. Three days later, that man died.

New York Police said William Hinchey, 79, was at Forest Park golf course in Woodhaven when he and “an unknown group of males who ride bicycles” got into a verbal dispute. Police said one of them pushed Hinchey to the ground, causing his pelvis to shatter.

Police officers who responded to Call 911 about the assault found Hinchey “unconscious and unresponsive” on the golf course.

EMS Hinchey rushed to Jamaica Hospital. Police said he was then taken to North Shore University Medical Center, where he died

The medical examiner will try to determine the cause of Hinchey’s death.

The police are investigating.


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