3 reasons that make a return to pre-Covid-19 life impossible before 2022


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Since the beginnings of the Corona virus pandemic, countries have imposed social distancing measures on their people to reduce the spread of the virus, and have obligated citizens to wear masks in public places and means of transportation … After about months of these measures, the question that currently preoccupies people is when we practice our lives normally Without these restrictions? While some may wait for the answer to be «after a month or early next year with the start of the availability of the vaccine, as some countries promise»; However, experts warn against “being overly optimistic,” because the vaccine is not to be found. But in reaching half of the world’s population, at least, to form what is called “herd immunity.”

During her participation in the United Nations General Assembly, an intervention by Dr. Sumiya Swaminathan, Chief Science Officer at the World Health Organization in Geneva, conveyed this warning. Swaminathan said last Tuesday: “After the vaccine begins to appear, the precautionary measures will have to continue, because we need to vaccinate from 60 percent to 70 percent of the world’s population to have immunity, before we start to see a significant decrease in the transmission of the virus, and this It won’t happen until 2022 ».

And the immunity that Swaminathan refers to, is that which is called “herd immunity”, which is formed through previous infection with the disease, or by finding a vaccine against it, and immunizing the largest number of people with it.

But if there are reports indicating that some of those recovered from the virus have re-infected, this means that vaccines, if available, are likely to require a booster dose, and this adds another reason that makes setting the year 2022 an optimistic date for the return of normal life.

“All studies indicate that infection with the virus constitutes immunity to its owner,” said Dr. Muhammad Samir, a professor of joint diseases. But to what extent can this immunity last, this question still needs more time to answer it, and the same applies to vaccines.

 Some studies of survivors indicated that antibodies (the main immune system proteins that fight infection) begin to disappear within months, and this has led scientists to believe that the protection provided by vaccines can wear off quickly as well, and a person may be in need. To my dose of vaccine.

While Dr. Khaled Shehata, a professor of viruses, confirmed that in addition to the two previous reasons, the world needs more than one vaccine to cover the number required to achieve herd immunity, and so far there are no vaccines ready for distribution except for the Russian vaccine, which has not passed the third stage of clinical trials. It stops using it at any moment, if serious side effects appear, and this is very likely to happen, adding that “the Oxford University vaccine, which is the most promising vaccine that seems more committed to scientific requirements, will be the first doses of it intended for Britain, the United States of America and some countries of the European Union.” .

And Dr. Salman, a member of the Oxford vaccine production team, had said in previous statements that “accelerating the process of obtaining the vaccine can be done by contracting to produce it and not buy it, as India did,” adding: “All Arab countries, for example, lack The presence of factories for the production of vaccines, and this will make them wait a long time to buy the Oxford vaccine, because the vaccine production cycle takes from 4 to 6 months.


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