Santa Rosa urges residents of rivers and streams to evacuate as soon as flood waters rise


Pensacola, Fl

Santa Rosa County is urging residents who live on the Blackwater River, Coldwater Creek and Bond Creek to leave as soon as possible Thursday morning, as rivers and streams are expected to rise as the day goes on.

They have already had to conduct several water rescues Thursday morning as flood waters rise in areas across the county, Brad Baker, the county’s director of public safety, said. He urged people who live near rivers and streams, and in other low-lying areas prone to flooding, to evacuate as soon as possible.

“It is time to leave,” he said at around 8:15 on Thursday morning.

Hurricane Sally continues to shed torrential rain in Alabama, which sends rainwater down the watershed into Santa Rosa County. Blackwater River in Milton is expected to peak at 2 p.m.

“Residents of Blackwater River, Coldwater Creek and Bond Creek need to make preparations and plans involving pets to move to higher ground quickly if needed,” the county said on its Facebook page. “You can always exchange your own stuff.”

The Milton Community Center remains open to those who need to evacuate.


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