Gulf Energy Company: 92% of Escambia is without electricity, 53% of Santa Rosa due to Hurricane Sally


Pensacola, Fl

Approximately 79% of the 252,368 households living in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties were still without electricity Thursday morning, a day after strong hurricane winds and torrential rain blew over the Panhandle.

Gulf Power supplies the majority of power to eight counties in the Florida Panhandle.

But Gulf Power spokeswoman Kimberly Blair said residents in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties were the most affected by the disruptions caused by Hurricane Sally.

Dig in: a blackout map

At 6 am Thursday, nearly 92% of all households in the province of Escambia were without electricity, with a total of 149,956 confirmed outages among 161,522 customers.

In Santa Rosa County, about 47,708 households out of a total of 90,846 customers had no electricity as of 6 a.m. Thursday – 53%.

“We have our Gulf Power crews who are also assisted by the Florida Power & Light crews, who are here,” Blair said. “We are committed to our primary goal, which is to restore customer power as quickly as possible safely.”

Gulf Power crews were forced to shut down in the early hours of Wednesday morning due to the already hazardous weather conditions caused by Hurricane Sally.

“They worked on energy recovery yesterday and all night until conditions really got worse, and as soon as the weather allowed them to go out and work safely, they would go out and start restoring energy again,” Blair said.

It remained uncertain on Wednesday morning when the crews would be able to start their work again.


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