Divorce attorney in Milton


Pensacola, Fl

If you are one of the many people in Milton who are struggling with marital difficulties, a separation or a divorce, there are likely to be many questions that keep raising their heads. Here are some answers to the most popular of them.

Q: Do I still have to pay for the house even if I leave it.

A: – You are expected to contribute towards paying the mortgage, taxes, and repairs but not the daily operating costs.

Q: – We are in the process of dismissal at the moment, can my partner evict me from our rented apartment

A: – If your name is not included in the lease agreement, then they are within their rights.

Q: What is the cost of divorce proceedings?

A: – The judge usually decides the costs at the end of the proceedings, usually the person who categorizes as a loser. But in divorce cases, it can often be difficult to determine who lost and who won.

Q: Is the wife entitled to a share of her husband’s pension?

A: – The court may rule in the wife’s favor if the marriage is long-term and involves a large pension. They may agree to a “pension sharing order” or for the spouse to make periodic payments as soon as the pension is due.

Q: Can my ex-partner take our children out of the country during a divorce.

A: Neither partner can take the children out of the country without explicit orders from the court. Any parent who takes a child without their consent can be charged with kidnapping or even kidnapping.

Q: Do mothers always grant custody of the children?

A: It is not necessary for the court to evaluate what is in the best interest of the child. When the child grows up, the reasons for the mother’s custody diminish.

Q: What are the reasons for divorce?

A: – The only reason for granting a divorce, and the dissolution of a marriage is irreversible. This can be categorized by a number of factors. Adultery, unreasonable behavior, desertion, separation for two years with consent or five years of separation without consent.


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