Can I file a divorce application with divorce services for non-lawyers?


Pensacola, Fl

Filing for a divorce is one of the most difficult times in life for most people who are already going through a divorce. Here’s one thing to remember – filing divorce forms in a country court doesn’t have to be that difficult. Filing divorce forms is similar to making a bank deposit. You can simply hand over all divorce forms to the state clerk at your local state court. Then they simply give you all the forms they don’t need.

Most people think that a divorce is a very stressful event, but the prospect of a messy and costly legal battle can make it worse. However, if the spouses can reach an agreement on the division of assets and other terms of the divorce, they can avoid the additional cost of divorce attorney and the emotional stress of the entire process. Using a divorce agreement worksheet, spouses can easily list and specify everything they need to cover in the agreement and quickly come up with the terms for divorce.

Some companies and legal services can help parties with limited resources agreeing on marriage and dissolution issues. Most court clerk offices in the country can also file free divorce records in the local court of justice. While the clerks office cannot provide you with legal services or answer legal questions other than procedural questions, these divorce companies can assist parties in answering at least the initial questions about pleadings, documents and the timeline for filing divorce applications.

When you consider filing for divorce, if both of you agree to all issues related to asset division and child custody, the easy and cost-effective way to accomplish the divorce is to use the divorce kit yourself. This will likely save legal expenses and aid in getting a divorce fast. Sometimes the help and desire of a lawyer is needed, a little bit to do it on your own The divorce kit may provide valuable resources in a situation where money is scarce.

Moreover, you may be able to refer any pending issues to a moderator. The idea is to avoid hiring two very expensive attorneys that may make the situation difficult.


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