A bus passenger wraps a snake around his face instead of a muzzle


Pensacola, fl

Bus passengers in Britain were shocked when they found a man wrapping a huge snake around his neck and face instead of wearing a protective face mask while riding a bus in Salford.

He used the man, the large creature, hanging around its neck, as a face covering while boarding the Swinton bus to Manchester in the Salford area.

Shocked passengers stared in amazement, as the man – clearly making fun of the coronavirus restrictions including wearing compulsory face coverings on public transport in England – removed the snake from around his neck.

Then the snake wrapped itself around the bars, while the bus passengers described the surreal scene as “definitely entertaining.”

“The snake wrapped itself around its face like a mask when it got on the bus,” said a 46-year-old woman.

“At first I thought he was wearing a really funky mask, then he let the snake crawl around the hand bars.” He didn’t really bother anyone on the bus, but there was a man behind him taking a video … It was an amusing incident for sure. ”

While some people are expanding the definition of “face cover” to include reptiles, others are under attack to ban face masks in stores.

Police are investigating Michael Schneider, 57, for placing a sign prohibiting customers from wearing blankets inside an old Chichester tea room.

The shopkeeper also admitted that he would punish the wearers of the masks by forcing them to pay fines if they wore a face mask “of their own free will.”

A red doormat with white footprints read: “You have to stand here so you know your government is brainwashing you.”

Schneider claims that the British people “agree to government control” by following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s restrictions on the coronavirus.


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