Walmart Plus: Everything You Need to Know About Walmart’s New Delivery Service


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With more people than ever shopping online this year, many retailers are changing their strategies to be more ecommerce focused. So it is no surprise that the mega-giant has created its own subscription program – Walmart + – to make it easier for Walmart online shopping. In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Walmart has accelerated the development of an express delivery service, which delivers online orders to customers’ doors in less than two hours. Its new retailer service, Walmart Plus, which costs $ 12.95 a month or $ 98 a year, is launching today.

Like its direct competitor Amazon Prime, Walmart Plus offers many perks and benefits to members for a monthly or annual fee. While Walmart Plus currently doesn’t have any wardrobe or streaming services, the key to its appeal is offering unlimited, same-day delivery not just at groceries, but anything you get at your local Walmart, like toothpaste, electronics, or office supplies. . Members also get discounts on gas and a Scan & Go feature that lets you shop and pay with a smartphone while you are in the store.

What is Walmart Plus?

Walmart + is a new service from Walmart that gives members access to a number of benefits, including unlimited free deliveries on orders of at least $ 35, member prices for fuel at specific gas stations and the use of Mobile Scan & Go, which enables you to scan items While shopping in the store, simplify the checkout process.

How much is Walmart Plus membership?

Walmart Plus membership costs $ 12.95 a month or $ 98 for the full year.

When is Walmart Plus available?

Walmart Plus launched, and services with membership are available immediately.

How does Walmart Plus work?

Once registered with Walmart Plus, use the Walmart website or app to shop online for same day delivery. Alternately, you can head over to a store and use the Scan & Go mobile feature on the Walmart app to shop and pay offline. To access Walmart Plus member fuel discounts, open the Walmart app and set member prices on fuel from the W + membership page, and follow the instructions.

How do I become a Walmart Plus member?

Head to the Walmart website to sign up for a free 15-day trial and access Walmart + benefits and benefits.

What can I buy with Walmart Plus?

Groceries, toys, housewares, electronics, and living necessities – you can buy pretty much anything available at your local Walmart store for same-day delivery through your Walmart + membership, plus free delivery of items available from third-party vendors (at Although it is not on the same day) delivery).

Is Walmart Plus better than Amazon Prime?

This is based on what you estimate Walmart + membership is generally cheaper than Amazon Prime memberships ($ 12.95 a month, $ 98 a year for $ 12.99 a month, $ 119 a year) and offers free unlimited same-day delivery plus member discounts on gas and shopping. Contactless and log off with scanning. Go & feature. Amazon Prime charges a delivery fee for same day delivery, but offers streaming entertainment as well as Amazon Wardrobe services.

What’s the difference between Walmart Plus and Walmart Delivery Unlimited?

Walmart Delivery Unlimited was Walmart’s first membership-based delivery service, which offered members free, unlimited delivery for a yearly or monthly fee. Walmart Delivery Unlimited has primarily been replaced by Walmart +, which includes a number of other benefits as well.

Does Walmart offer free delivery?

Without a Walmart + membership, people who order from Walmart at their request will be charged a delivery fee.


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