The Columbus woman loses her savings after a fake arrest scam


Pensacola, Fl

A Columbus woman sends a word of warning after she said she fell into a Social Security scam that ended with her losing her life’s savings.

“I’ve never been in trouble with the law,” said Patricia. She became worried and anxious after she got a call last month from someone claiming to be a US Social Security agent telling her that she could be thrown in prison.

“My Social Security was used to launder money and drugs in Texas,” said Patricia.

To keep her record clean, the voice on the other end of the call told Patricia that she needs to purchase $ 5,000 gift cards and resend the numbers to them.

“That was a lot of money. I have to start over,” said Patricia. “I get the minimum wage, it’s kind of difficult.”

Patricia is not the only one targeted by scam artists.


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