Florida man kills his mother in an argument over orange juice and a car


Pensacola, Fl

  He told the policeman he had just lost her when he shot his mother to death during an altercation in North Miami Beach.

According to police, Louis Martin Bedges, 29, called 911 to say he killed his mother.

Pages said to police that they quarreled after he asked to borrow her car to find a job. He said she told him “no” because it’s Labor Day and everything will be closed. Then he took out a jar of orange juice from the refrigerator. He said she took it from him and threw it.

According to the arrest report, the dispute escalated to the point where Bedges pulled a revolver out of his pocket and shot his mother. He told the police that he did not know how many times he shot her, but that he fired all of the bullets, usually keeping six in the rifle.

Police said Bedges then tried to shoot himself but realized his rifle was empty, according to the report.


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