Father kills son and wife in double murder and suicide in New Hanover Montgomery County


Pensacola, Fl

Officials say a third person died after a double murder and suicide in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

The call came at around 8 pm. Shooting at the 2900 complex of Reifsnyder Road in the Gilbertsville section of the new town of Hanover.

According to the Montgomery County Attorney’s Office, an adult son and wife were murdered by his father, then killed himself.

When officers arrived Monday night, police found Rebecca Evans, 51, dead at the scene. Stephen Mihalcic, 56, was taken to Reading Hospital, where he succumbed to his wounds.

Officials said Gerald E.

“This is a tragedy,” said Attorney General Kevin Steele. “My heart goes to the surviving family members.” “We are seeing more domestic violence crimes in Montgomery County this year than ever before. If you live in violence at home, please call for help. Police are ready to respond through 911.”


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