Claims to execute an 86-year-old rapist in India


Pensacola, fl

Police in India arrested a 30-year-old man in Delhi, after he raped an 86-year-old woman, after luring her from in front of her house, while she was waiting for the milk seller, and approached her to tell her that the seller would not come today, and he offered to accompany her to the place she wanted. She could get what she needed from him, so she followed him, but he took her to a nearby farm and raped her there.

Swati Maliwal, Commissioner for Women’s Affairs in Delhi, told the BBC, “The old woman was in front of her house when the attacker approached her,” confirming that the old woman was crying and begging and telling him that I was in your grandmother’s place, but he did not bother with her begging and crying, and assaulted her when she tried To prevent herself from him, and she did not escape from him until after some passers-by heard her crying, so they saved her from him, and handed him over to the police.

Maliwal visited the victim in her home and described her condition as “heartbreaking,” and described her, saying: “Her hands are full of wrinkles. A person is confused when he hears that she has been subjected to this matter.” The assault caused bruises on her face and the entire body. She told me that she suffers from vaginal bleeding, and violent shock, “demanding the death penalty for the perpetrator, whom she described as” not a human being. “

She added, “I wrote to the head of the judiciary in Delhi and the city governor, asking them to expedite the trial and execute the aggressor by hanging within six months.”


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