A young French man rapes a 98-year-old Dutch woman, and confesses: It was her will


Pensacola, fl

A Dutch woman aged 98 was raped by a 35-year-old French man, Dutch media reported on Saturday.

According to the sources, the accident took place in a home for the elderly in the city of Lelystad in central Netherlands, noting that the suspect entered the elderly’s room at night and had sex with her twice before leaving in the morning.

The public prosecutor stated that the man pulled the alarm button and raped her twice despite her shouting, and in turn, the French accused Anthony S. admitted his act, and that what happened was the woman’s desire and not rape.

The French accused denounced his lack of understanding of his detention three and a half months ago, as long as the matter was done with the woman’s consent, he said.

He stated that the woman did not have an alarm device on her wrist, adding that it was she who warned him that a nurse helping her take a shower was coming and that he had to leave the place, but as he left the elderly’s room, the nurse found him and she was the one who reported him.

The man had arrived in the Netherlands in January for tourism, but after the imposition of Corona restrictions, he was unable to return to France.


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