A security guard shoots and kills a man after an altercation on a public bus in Miami-Dade


Pensacola, Fl

A security guard shot and killed a man in Northwest Miami Dade.

The shooting took place at Golden Glades Park and Ride, located at 16000 Street Road

According to Miami-Dade Police, a man took a public bus in Miami-Dade County around 7:24 a.m. and got into a fight with the bus driver.

“A man got into one of the passing buses, and verbally fought with the bus driver and was told to get off,” Miami-Dade Police said. Argemis Coulomb. “He walks inside his car and sits in the back seat, which caused a quarrel with him, and again, he’s back inside the bus.”

The bus driver ended up getting out of the car before a security guard arrived at the scene.

The security guard also got into an altercation with the passenger, which ended in shooting.

“As soon as she reached the scene, the man was still on the bus, refusing to leave,” Coulom said. “She had a quarrel with him, and that’s when she fired her firearm.”

The man succumbed to his wounds at the scene.

No one else was on the bus at the time of the shooting.

The police closed the car park during the investigation.

The police did not reveal the identity of the victim.

They said they hoped the surveillance video from the bus stop would help them better understand how the shooting happened.


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