3 dead and 3 wounded in a violent rampage, Tennessee


Pensacola, Fl

 A gunman killed two people and wounded three others in a series of shootings and car thefts that ended in a speedy chase as he fled the police.

The Tennessee State Bureau of Investigation said he eventually destroyed the car he had stolen and killed himself while the remaining hostage escaped.

The series of crimes began Sunday morning along Highway 24 near Beachgrove when D’Angelo Dorsey, 29, opened fire inside a moving vehicle, killing one person and wounding another, World Trade Bank director David Rausch said in a press release.

Dorsey, from St. Louis, Missouri, got off the car as the freeway traffic stopped, shot a driver in the hand while trying to hijack her car, and shot a nearby truck driver in the face, according to Rauch. .

Rauch said that Dorsey then kidnapped a man and a woman, forcing them to take him to their Morrison home. While there, Dorsey allegedly stole two of their weapons, swapped chariots and forced the man and woman to go with him.

At one point, authorities said, Dorsey shot the man and forced his body out of the car along I-24 near Manchester, then set off with the woman still in the car.

Officials then located the SUV and a chase ensued, as it reached a speed of 100 mph (161 km / h). Rausch said the SUV crashed and capsized.

“At that point, Dorsey committed suicide himself,” said Rauch. “The hostage was recovered safely.”

Rauch said the investigation is underway. The office said in a statement that authorities identified the two men who were killed, Darcy Johnson, 28, and Philip Jordan Stevens, 23, on Monday. Johnson was killed in the initial shooting on Highway 24 and Stevens was killed after being taken hostage.

“I want to offer our deepest sympathy to the innocent souls who have been affected by today’s array of events,” said Rausch.

He also thanked the drivers on the highway for their patience during the investigation, admitting that the work of law enforcement “resulted in chaos, delays and inconvenience.


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