Sally has been upgraded to Hurricane level and is expected to slow down


Pensacola, Fl

Hurricane Sally’s strength increased. The hurricane jumped 25 mph this morning to 90 mph with winds. Category 1 mild hurricane.

The hurricane continues to move towards the Gulf coast, and is now picking up more of its path northward. A gradual regulation and strengthening of the storm is expected near midday.

Land on the Mississippi coast is still expected to be a Category 2 hurricane. It can get stronger than that, definitely worth a watch.

Northwest Florida can see up to 10-15+ inches of rain with moderate to high inland flood risk.

Coastal flooding is also possible with 2-4 foot storms across the shores of northwest Florida. Red flags of rip streams and dangerous surfing will continue.

Lower end threats in northwest Florida are winds and hurricanes. Some wind gusts near the strength of a tropical storm force are still possible. Isolated tornadoes are possible


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