Baltimore recorded a violent week with 45 bullets and 11 fatalities


Pensacola, Fl

A violent week in Baltimore ended with the shooting of at least 45 people, 11 of them fatal, according to police data.

The Baltimore Sun reported that the shooting between September 6 and 13 came during the end of the summer when violence wavered in the city.

Elected local officials and community members in the Cold Stream-Homestead-Montebello neighborhood were stunned after a 14-year-old boy in their community was shot.

After the boy was killed, Mark Washington, CEO of Coldstream-Homestead-Montebello Community Corporation, wrote a letter to the district police chief and other elected officials in the area, saying that the community needs to do more to prevent such violence.

Washington said: “While none of us directly pressed the trigger that killed the 14-year-old, we are certainly responsible for the circumstances that allowed this to happen.” “Those who have lost their lives cannot and must not be in vain.”

The boy has not been recognized by the police.

So far this year, Baltimore has seen a total of 233 murders, just under the 242 crimes recorded in the same time frame last year.


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