The grandmother was arrested after a video on the Internet showed her throwing her preschooler on the ground


Pensacola, Fl

A grandmother in Greenville has been accused of assaulting a child after a video of the incident spread on social media.

The Grenville Police Department received letters from several people regarding the video that appeared to show Brenda Turner throwing a preschooler on the ground.

Officers went to the Rosemont apartments for an investigation Tuesday afternoon and said Turner had been arrested and charged with assaulting a minor. She was held in the Pitt County Detention Center.

The 48-second video got a lot of reactions – nearly 28,000 people viewed it on Facebook.

In it, you see people gathering and hearing screams before the camera focuses on the car as Grenville police say Turner appears to be throwing her four-year-old grandson on the ground.

Officers arrested and accused Turner of assaulting a child and soon after a brawl broke out.

“Anything could happen to that little boy. He could break his arm, he could screw up his leg.”

The neighbor wants answers as to why this is happening in his own backyard.

Investigators said the 4-year-old was not seriously hurt and did not need medical treatment. He will work with attorneys for child victims.

The ministries said it was due to the community that the community had access to the incident and brought it to the attention of law enforcement authorities.


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