How did Corona remain a “mysterious virus” so far?


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Every week, new information flows in about the emerging corona virus, and it is difficult to keep up with all the details that one needs to keep the family safe.

And the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper stated that among the details that is required to follow is knowing how long a person considers himself a carrier of Corona infection, and whether he should stay at home as long as he has symptoms of infection with the virus. Is it possible for a person to become infected again after recovery?

Unfortunately, there are no easy answers to these questions.

Doctors and researchers believe that one of the most challenging aspects of treating infection with this virus is that it affects patients in different ways.

Some people only have slight symptoms and may not even know that they have contracted Covid-19 – caused by infection with the Coronavirus if they are not tested, while others spend weeks in the hospital struggling to recover from this disease.

What makes matters more mysterious is that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated in early August that it is possible for some people to test positive for up to three months after their diagnosis of Covid-19 disease, and yet they do not transmit the infection to others. .

Doctors now believe that the virus is more contagious when symptoms appear.

Thomas Fickett, a professor at the Katz School of Medicine of Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, said that people who have become healthy remain able to transmit the infection for about a week, while people who are more ill and suffer from other health complications may take longer to recover from the virus and continue They are contagious for up to two weeks.

For this reason, the American Center for Disease Control recommends staying at home, away from others until ten days have passed from the first appearance of symptoms, and up to 24 hours without a fever and without the use of fever-reducing medications. The center also recommends continuing to stay at home until other symptoms improve.

The question revolves around people who have already contracted Covid-19 disease and are they safe from it or is it possible for them to be infected again.

Researchers in Hong Kong recently detected the first confirmed case of re-infection of the disease, which is a 33-year-old person who first tested positive in late March and became ill with a different strain of the virus four months later, while he was on a visit to Spain. Since then, it has been confirmed that many cases of re-infection with the virus have been recorded in other countries, including one in the United States of America.

There is no agreement among experts regarding the significance of these cases, and the American Center for Disease Control says that there is a need for more research on how long immunity can last after exposure to the virus.

It is difficult to know how common re-infection is, Vickett said, because it is possible for people to test positive for the virus long after the period of infection with it. Doctors will have to be able to test and compare new and original virus samples to see if any second positive test is a new infection or remnants of a previous infection.

“This is somewhat beyond the capacity of our overworked laboratories, which are scrambling to do the normal testing task,” Vickett said.

Therefore, for the time being, it is important to continue wearing masks, washing hands and keeping a safe distance away from others – even if the person has already contracted the virus and recovered from it.


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