A boy, 12, brings 3 guns to Nassau County School


Pensacola, Fl

 A 12-year-old boy was arrested in Nassau County after lawmakers said he brought three rifles and ammunition to a private Christian school in Callahan.

The Principal of Light House Christian called the Nassau County Mayor’s office after a teacher and two firearms and two boxes of ammunition were found inside a student’s lunch box, according to the student’s arrest report. A third firearm was found later, with a violent graphic.

Bill Lieber, the Sheriff of Nassau County, described the incident on Thursday as “extremely frightening,” saying that “it is dangerous for children to have weapons like this, let alone take someone to school.”

“When you look at killing a family pet, you look at some of the drawings that were found in the child’s office, it’s disturbing. You don’t know what’s on the child’s mind and what he’s doing thinking – maybe innocent, maybe not. But definitely,” Lieber said Friday. You don’t want to take advantage of this opportunity; you want to make sure that the child gets the help he needs to make sure that nothing like this happens in the future. ”

Principal Troy Arnold told Representatives that the teacher noticed something unusual – Gabriel Dean Lewis Stanford was carrying two lunch boxes, one heavier than the other. At that point, the report stated, she confronted the Stanford teacher about her doubts.

News4Jax is naming the child because of the seriousness of the charges he faces.

According to the report, “[the teacher] asked the student to see his lunchbox and reluctantly allowed it,” “I discovered the back of the gun and handed it to the director,” who told the deputies that he had found a pistol, a second pistol and two 0.380 caliber boxes inside.

The teacher told Representatives that Stanford had told her he had brought guns to school to show the principal.

Representatives indicated that a third pistol, loaded with .380 caliber ammunition, was found at Stanford during an interview, despite not having a shot in the chamber. Representatives questioned the 12-year-old, but his answers were removed from the report.

“While interviewing the student again, the staff was searching his office. Inside his office was a drawing of a man outside a school with rifles. The man was surrounded by several bodies covered with a red mark indicating the presence of blood.

The child’s mother, Sasha Lewis, told MPs that the family had guns in the house, but believed the gun safe was closed. She speculated that her son may have gained access to the safe when she opened it to her uncle.

“[The child’s mother] recently advised that he had accidentally killed the Chihuahua family with a Pele rifle when he was not being controlled,” the report states.

Stanford was arrested on three criminal counts of unlawful possession of a firearm at the school and transferred to the Jacksonville Juvenile Detention Facility. Management of children and families has been notified.

Arnold told News4Jax that Stanford appeared to be frightened when confronted about weapons. He said the child had had no prior problems during the nearly two years he was a student at Lighthouse Christian School, a small kindergarten through 12th grade school with only about 60 students.

The director said the 12-year-old would likely be fired.

“Bringing a gun to school leads to immediate suspension or expulsion and in this type of situation, it will always be expulsion, so we’re working on that now,” Arnold said. The family is there. “

“My prayer is that he will receive the appropriate assistance and that the system will work with him,” he added.

Al-Sharif said Thursday’s incident should serve as a reminder to families who have firearms at home about the importance of keeping them safe and secure.

He said, “You need to make sure it is closed and inaccessible because it might be dangerous for children to get weapons. It is against the law for children to have weapons like that.”


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