One dead and another in custody in the Sepulveda Basin Fire


Pensacola, Fl

Fears have been renewed in an area of ​​Sepulveda Basin known for homeless camps and fires after a deadly fire over the weekend.

Los Angeles fire brigades were pursuing the confrontations that followed an intense shooting battle on September 6. Ultimately, the Los Angeles Police said they had arrested a man who was injured in the fire and believed to have started it.

Authorities continue to work to identify the body of a man, possibly homeless, discovered under the rubble after firefighters extinguished the flames. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office listed him as “John Doe # 313”.

Angel Rose lives in the aquarium but does not consider himself homeless.

“They won’t burn me, that’s for sure. I’m an outsider. So I live here by choice,” Rose said.

He was in the basin on Sunday when the fire broke out, and he says he witnessed a lot of fires that broke out as a result of the displaced persons camps in the area. It’s the same area that burned down three times in 2019, that Los Angeles City Council Chairman Nuri Martinez has promised homeless patrols.


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