A dead man is found trapped under a car in Whitehaven


Pensacola, Fl

 A man died after a car accident in Whitehaven.

Officers originally responded to a shooting call in the area at 3:15 am, although after conducting the incident police were able to determine that no one had been shot and that the call related to an accident.

The wreck fell on the 4900 block of Indigo Road near Reigns Road.

Police found three cars that collided with each other on arrival.

Police say one of the cars was driving south on Nili Road when it collided with the rear of a second car that was parked legally outside a house. Then that second car was pushed into another legally parked car.

According to the police, the man who was driving the first car ended up trapped under one of the cars and died at the scene.

Police said he was not shot.

No one else was injured.

The investigation is underway.


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