A man enters the Jacksonville Beach house, and tries to rape a woman


Pensacola, Fl

 A woman was attacked in a house in the middle of the night and nearly raped, according to the Jacksonville Beach Police Department.

It happened before 3 a.m. in South Jacksonville Beach.

The police said the woman left the door open, and a man entered her house and tried to rape her.

A neighbor heard the noise and called 911. Police arrived within minutes, but the attacker disappeared.

Investigators said they were working around the clock to identify the attacker.

Ken Jefferson, a crime and safety expert, talked about what investigators would do to try to solve the case.

“You have your evidence technicians come and look around for anything and everything that the suspect might have left behind. You collect the bedding, you collect the clothes so that you can check them through the lab for DNA evidence. With time and day as it is now, you’re looking for cameras.” control “

Jefferson is a former sex crime investigator who has worked on cases like this one.

“He’s very bold and rude,” said Jefferson. “Because the person who broke into does not know what he is walking in. The person would have been armed and prepared to protect himself on his property.”

A post on the Ring’s neighborhood app claims the victim forgot to lock her garage door overnight. The police did not disclose where this happened or details about the victim for her safety, but officers confirmed that she was in the southern part of their jurisdiction.

Officers said the neighbor did the right thing by calling the police immediately when he heard the noise. Now, they need others in the area to be more alert, and if they see something, say something.

Jefferson said, “You always have to be aware of everything you do to protect yourself – even if it is a quiet, peaceful, and quiet area of ​​town that rarely has any kind of criminal activity.”


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