A 5-year-old boy dies after a tragic accident at Oak Brook’s wedding


Pensacola, Fl

Authorities said a five-year-old boy died in a tragic accident during a wedding at a hotel in Oak Brook.

According to the Oak Brook Police Department, first responders were called around 10 PM. To the Drake Hotel at 2301 York Rd. After family members discover that the boy is not responding during the wedding ceremony.

Footage from the hotel showed the boy was lying vertically on a sofa table behind a sofa in an area where other children were sitting at the party, according to police.

“As the children were waking up and leaving the area, the victim started slipping off the sofa table, which is built with a granite surface, and he grabbed the edge with his fingers to slow his opposition as he slid back,” police said in a press release. . “While taking him off the table, the table fell on the child’s head, causing a major injury.

Authorities said medics administered CPR to the 5-year-old Glenview boy, and he was transferred to Elmhurst Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.


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