Mother and daughter were killed in Dunwoody


Pensacola, Fl

Dunwoody Police said they had arrested the gunman who shot three people and killed two of them.

Dunwoody Police responded to a shooting call off Peachtree Industrial Blvd near the entrance to Dunwoody Glen Apartments Sunday night. When the investigators stopped, they found three people lying in the middle of the street with bullet wounds.

Police say Daniel Sims, 46, and her 22-year-old daughter, Crystal Williams, succumbed to their wounds. Sims’ son, 18-year-old Malachi Williams, was injured.

Police say the three family members and a juvenile were all in an SUV. They had just left the apartment complex when police said they encountered Crystal’s ex-boyfriend, 23-year-old Justin Turner.

“The four were traveling in their SUVs outside the Dunwoody Glen apartments when Mr. Turner pulled his car in front of them and interrupted them, then got out of the car and fired several shots,” said Dunwoody, Sgt. Robert Parsons.

Investigators say Turner jumped back into his SUV taking off. Investigators searched all night and most of the day for Turner, finding them in Atlanta on .

“Dunwoody police were involved in a pedestrian chase with him,” the sergeant said, “then he was taken into custody without further incident.” Parsons.

Turner faces a number of charges, including two counts of murder. Investigators are still investigating the cause of the shooting.

“The investigators are still under investigation. They are working to collect what led to this terrible act,” the sergeant said. Parsons.

Investigators have not disclosed any other details about the event, which was in the sports car with his family. They said he was unharmed.


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