The family creates balloon art to boost spirits during the COVID-19 pandemic


Pensacola, Florida

The Germantown man is using balloon art to make people feel better during the pandemic and his creative designs are exploding in popularity.

John Witzel’s creations appear in his front yard.

“I just love balloons,” said Witzel.

He and his daughter Nora use their imaginations to get creative.

“I feel proud and excited to be doing this, and it makes me happy,” she said.

A masterpiece may take a few hours to complete, but the final product is what makes it worth it.

“Some of them believe they are alive.” John Witzel said, “They literally think the balloons are still alive.”

It’s just a hobby, Witzel said, but since the pandemic, he’s been in success.

He said, “My favorite was a nurse wearing a little mask with nice curly hair.” “This and Harry Potter were two of my favorites.”

Every week you can see new designs in the Wetzels yard.

“It’s something we know how to do, so why not put it in the corner so everyone can enjoy the past. I’m smiling a little to make everyone’s day sparkle.”

“I’m really happy everyone is seeing it,” said Nora Witzel.


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