Bait Fishing – Ideal Walleye Boats, Motors, and Accessories


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Most walleye or pickerel fisherman who fish on large open water lakes and reservoirs normally will use 16 to 18 foot boats with a large deep v design. Good bait fishing for walleye motor would be between 25hp and 75 hp in size. On very large lakes such as Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and Lake Ontario most walleye and pickerel anglers us large 25 to 30ft boats with a deep v design because of the extreme weather conditions that can develop on the great lakes. Storms can happen very quickly on these lakes and good boat is needed to ride out the storm , or head for safety fast.

For smaller lakes and rivers a 14 ft semi v boat design will work when your bait fishing for walleye. For these smaller boats you need to have between a 10 to 15hp motors. Small 14 ft boats have been used to catch more walleye or pickerel then any other boat and motor combination. You can use flat bottom boats or other low profile tri hull designs on small to medium lakes and rivers but do not use them on large open water because they do not cut through waves very well.

Many walleye fisherman use aluminum boats because they are lighter, more durable and less expensive then fiberglass boats. One thing about fiberglass boats is the may be more expensive but they are much quieter an and don’t leak as easy as aluminum boats.

Small boats with motors under 25 hp work great for bait fishing for walleye or pickerel because they can be slowed to a acceptable speed for trolling. Trolling is a very important walleye and pickerel fishing method of fishing.

If you are or want to be a serious walleye and pickerel fisherman then there are some very important accessories you should have on your boat. You need to have a tiller handle for your motor so you have total control of your direction when back trolling for walleye and pickerel. You need to have a good depth finder and fish finder to get on fish quickly. You should have a transom mounted electric trolling motor with a bow mounted foot pedal for when you are bait fishing for walleye and pickerel casting with artificial plugs and other lures. You should have GPS so you can document good fishing spots. Also it would be good to have surface water temperature gauge mounted on the boat somewhere, so you can identify ideal walleye temperatures. All of these walleye and pickerel bait fishing accessories can make your next fishing trip more rewarding.


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