Five boats sank in Trump’s motorcade in Texas


Pensacola, Fl

Five boats sank in a lake, Texas, during a sea show in support of President Donald Trump, officials said, as the tightly packed boats created big waves.

Boats began calling for help “almost immediately” after the Trump re-election parade began on Lake West Austin on Saturday, according to Kristen Dark of Travis County Police Office. Representatives ultimately responded to 15 distress calls and received three more reports of boats taking the water.

Images of the event show the waters of Lake Travis choppy as dozens of boats flying the flags of America, Texas and “Trump 2020” wake up.

Dark said the weather on the lake, which is around 19,000 acres (7,690 ha), was calm, but the tightly packed boats caused big waves in the areas. She said that the deputies found no evidence of fraud.

Dark said the first call for help came at 12:15 p.m., after which the distress calls were for boats sucking water, stopping engines, and capsizing.

She said that three of the boats that sunk were dragged ashore, while the other two were still at the bottom of the lake.

A spokeswoman said Austin Travis County Emergency Medical Services had not received any calls for service related to the show.


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