Publix is ​​helping the couple make their dream wedding cake after they couldn’t get one due to COVID-19


Pensacola, Fl

Wedding cake puzzle. Spouses’ plans – changed due to the epidemic.

They love cupcakes from Publix, but travel restrictions mean a lot of wedding guests can’t make the trip from Florida to Minnesota, and with no Publix stores up north, they thought they’d have to grab a cake from elsewhere.

But when Publix found out, they had an idea.

The dress, decor and flowers are all important factors, but for Ben and Erin Cohen, the cake topped the list.

“When Ben and I got engaged for the first time, it was illogical that we would have a Publix cake at our wedding,” said Irene.

Irene, a Florida native, grew up on Publix cakes, so she needed one for her wedding day. But due to COVID-19, her parents were unable to bring the cake to their wedding in Minneapolis.

“We immediately started thinking about how to reverse engineer a Publix cake,” said Irene.

They tried and tried, but it wasn’t the same. The butter was not right. Irene told one of her friends her story, and it ended up in the newspaper.

Ben said, “When Publix read this story and got to know what we were trying to do, they communicated and offered to fulfill Irene’s dream and we seized the opportunity.”

Not all heroes wear capes – some wear aprons. The store sent the couple everything they needed to make the perfect Publix cake and the master baker helped them during a live video call.

It was really cool, ”said Irene. “It was the Friday before our wedding Sunday and it has already started our wedding weekend.”

“He really elevated what became a backyard wedding and gave it another celebration entirely.” Ben said.

It’s safe to say that we know which cake they will be eating on each anniversary.

“For us, we get our wedding cake every time we’re in Florida. We’ll just go to Publix and have a slice of the cake,” Ben said.

Publix also sent Erin’s parents a replica of the wedding cake to their home in Coral Springs. While they can’t be together physically, they can still share the moment and a piece of cake over Zoom.


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