4-year-old man found in a fire in Glendale Heights apartment killed with gunshot wounds to their head: autopsy


Pensacola, Fl

A child and a man, who were found killed in a fire in an apartment in Glendale Heights, were killed by a bullet to the head, according to preliminary autopsy results.

Despite the results of the autopsy and the “boom” that witnesses heard before the fire in the Western Suburb, the police have yet to reveal the circumstances that led to the fire in the Waters Edge residential complex.

DuPage County coroner Richard Jorgensen said he has not yet ruled if each death counts as a murder or suicide.

Salman Khan, 4, and Shefat Khan, 46, were found killed in the fire around 10 a.m. on the second floor at 170 S. Watersedge, Unit 201, officials said.

 Glendale Heights Police said that the responding officers learned that three people were on the second floor “where the explosion occurred” and ran to the unit, where they rescued a 6-year-old boy with minor injuries.

Police said that the officers entered the house again and tried to reach the second floor unit, but were unable to enter the unit due to the heat and smoke of the fire. Then the officers helped evacuate the rest of the building’s residents. The officers were later treated in hospital for minor injuries.

Police said an investigation into the two deaths was underway.

Vice President Brandon Oliver said that there was no one in custody in connection with the incident, but that “there is no threat to society.”


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