A woman picks up a child, escaping the fatal accident scene in Overbrook Park


Pensacola, Fl

 Police are still searching for a woman who escaped from the fatal scene of the Over Brook Park section of Philadelphia. The accident killed a 35-year-old father.

Two cars shared: a 2001 Honda and a 2013 Ford. Police say the man who died was driving a Honda.

The accident happened in front of the Together We Grow 2 daycare center owned by Melissa Clark who said the crash scene was horrific.

“The man (who died) used to reach out and say ‘Someone help me please’,” Clark recalls.

Police say the cars were speeding and headed east at Block 7200 of Haverford Street at around 2 p.m.

Honda was heading east in the western lanes before crossing in front of a Ford, driven by an unidentified woman.


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